About the Author


Lee original


East Bay native Lee Foust relocated to San Francisco at the tender age of 20 to study creative writing at SFSU. Abandoning both the city and his studies, Lee traveled to Europe, a novel idea in his head. He fell in love with a fugitive Finn and the city of Rome. Later he studied in Florence, Italy, and New York City, obtained a Ph.D., wed a well known rock critic, and co-edited Resister magazine. Washing again upon Tuscan shores, Lee re-married and fathered a child. Nowadays he rents in Florence with partner Debra A. Zeller, teaches, and recites his own works, with and without banging a drum, to anyone who’ll listen. Foust is also the author of Sojourner, a collection of stories and poems about the mystery of our relationship to place, and two novels: Inbetween and Fake Novel. Foust’s short fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in various journals, magazines, and newspapers in the USA, Italy, Canada, and Australia.


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